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Our Mission

A strong local workforce helps build strong communities.

Integrity Staffing Solutions is known across the country for its dedication to improving the lives and maximizing the potential of its employees. Our experience in employing thousands of people each year has brought us the understanding that a strong, empowered workforce not only provides us with an unparalleled pool of talent, but it also helps build strong local communities.

We created our Helping Communities Work initiative with the mission of supporting everyone living in the communities in which we are located. To accomplish this, we are building programs and partnerships with local service organizations to provide free expert advice, job search training, and other learning opportunities to those living and working in our communities. We believe that by partnering with these groups and the community at large, we can provide guidance and assistance to individuals who are currently looking for a job, making a career change, or desiring to re-enter the workforce.

Let’s work together to help our communities work.

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    Whether you’re an entry-level job seeker or seasoned professional, this free course will arm with the information you need to ace every interview.


    Getting your GED is the first step toward success. Integrity is now a partner of local GED testing centers and can offer our members a special discount on the GED exam.